Sunshine & Fuzzbutt ~ Rockin' Retirees - PENDING

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Sex                       Male/Female OOP:                     2012/2016 COLOR:                 White Mosaic & Platinum Mosaic Genetics:             PET PAIR SPECIAL Parents:Retired Adult Gliders               Pet Pair Special Price                     $499

Sunshine and Fuzzbutt are a wonderful pair of young rocking retirees looking for their forever home! Dad was neutered a few months ago and both deserve now to be spoiled and pampered in a forever pet home! They love their treats and the way to their heart is definitely through treat time!! Sunshine especially goes crazy for live mealies, but they also like yoggie drops and like to play and explore and are looking for their forever family to enjoy their retirement. Sunshine is a 5 years old white mosaic and has an outgoing personality and is very food motivated, Fuzzbutt, also a white mosaic likes to make noise when he's in his pouch but don't be fooled, he's a total cutie and quite a chunky monkey, also being quite food motivated and is 2 years younger than his mate so still very young in glider years. This is a fabulous opportunity to get a very young pair of stunning sugar gliders at an amazing price.

We recommend anyone interested in any of our retirees to please make an appointment to visit with them first and meet them in person so you can be matched with you perfect pair. Due to working full time, I can only do appointments on Saturdays between 10am and 3pm, no exceptions.

Adult sugar gliders are perfect for first time owners, they've gotten past the nippy joey stage and are calmer in general and just as easy to bond with as joeys if you are ready and willing to invest the time to earn their love and trust. Our retirees are usually around 5 years old and sugar gliders live for 10-12 years or more so they have plenty of time and love to give! Make an appointment to adopt this wonderful twosome today!

Sunshine and Fuzzbutt can come with their HQ Madagascar cage, Fast Track wheel, pouch, first month of food supplies and accessories for an additional $150.

* Please note joeys purchased must be picked up within 7 days of purchase unless prior arrangements made with NH Sugar Gliders. A signed and returned Adoption Contract is required before your Joey can be released for shipping. Example Adoption Contract