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Sugar Gliders should always have a glider safe wheel in their cage, they require this for exercise, however safe versions are currently not available in most pet stores. A safe glider wheel should have a large mesh style track with no center bar so that your gliders can run and jump naturally without worry of catching their tails or back. We stock the Fast Track wheels which are glider approved as safe and are super convenient with removable bearing mechanism for easy cleaning, The standard wheel is lighter weight, the Titan wheel is exactly the same but with a heavier more robust frame and the newer style.

Ordering can be done through the website with our current available inventory or you can visit the store in person to save on shipping.

Included is a standard cage wheel mount and one wheel which can be easily removed for cleaning. Also included is a wrench for easy removal of the bearing assembly so you can clean it easily without getting water in the bearings, which keeps your wheel nice and silent for all night play with no noise!