Double Bonding Pouch

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Quick Overview

Double Sugar Glider Zippered Bonding Pouch

Double bonding pouch with a mesh window on each individual pouch, zippered top and carrying strap.  Interior and exterior are made using quality anti pill fleece and there are two separate pouches joined together so that you can safely hold different cages of sugar gliders, whether just simply for convenience or as part of a safe introduction method.

When using for introductions, place gliders who are not yet together in each separate side and zip up, initially face the fleece back to back so that they can feel and smell each other through the double layered fleece but cannot see each other. When ready you can flip the pouches so the mesh windows on each are facing each other so that they can see and smell each other easier. Each pouch can comfortably hold 2-3 adult sugar gliders. A must have accessory to keep your sugar gliders safe and to help with the bonding process.