Chicken Honey Nibblers

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Quick Overview

Great snack food for your gliders dry food dish, promotes healthy teeth and satisfies any day time hunger. Recommended serving size is 1 teaspoon twice a week per glider in seperate dry food dish along with 1 tablespoon of dried mealworms and 1 tablespoon of dried fruit. This is not a replacement for a healthy diet, please continue to feed your regular diet nightly.

This is a totally cooked nutritional formula for sugar gliders consisting of chicken, brown rice, dried egg, along with other high quality ingredients. This product is then COATED with DRIED HONEY for that special taste and nutritional benefit. Your gliders will love it's great taste, OURS DO!!

This excellent high protein(30%), low fat (12%) food uses the very best ingredients!. It is a totally cooked food supplement designed for Sugar Gliders in all stages of developement.

Chicken Honey Nibblers are made using a unique patented dry extrusion process. This high heat friction method provides better digestibility and promotes better absorption of nutrients.

Please note: Chicken Honey Nibblers are a healthy choice for dry snacks only and should not be used as a main diet, please always feed your sugar gliders an approved diet such as Original High Protein Wombaroo (OHPW), BML or TPG which all include fresh fruits and vegetables. Please see our diet page for more information on healthy diet choices for your sugar gliders.